Be Sure to Count the Roosters

(Motivational and Humorous Presentation for an Entertaining Keynote)


PROGRAM OBJECTIVE:  Many times in a family farming operation or a family business, the efforts and contributions of individual family members are quite easily taken for granted and are never fully recognized.  Too often the hectic pace, the burdensome workload, and the numerous stresses of the farm business itself prevent family members from expressing their actual feelings and needs for each other.    This keynote is an entertaining and humorous  program  presentation packed with laughter along with a message on the importance of family relationships that will be long remembered by everyone.


Often times the contributions by the farm wife and other family members (and even employees) are quickly taken for granted and the personal words of appreciation are never spoken.  This presentation uses real life humor to emphasize the importance for family members (especially for farm couples) to initiate a more determined effort to spend more personal time together as well as to better communicate and to share their feelings with each other. This keynote is presented strictly in a totally humorous and quite entertaining manner with much laughter across the entire audience. The motivating impact of this presentation stressing the very importance of “family relationships” will generate a tremendous audience response.  This presentation shares a positive personal message that will be long remembered by each member of the audience.


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