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Ron Hanson has counseled and worked with farm families for more than 40 years to help them resolve family conflicts in a more positive manner and to improve family relationships through better communications.  His most recent efforts have been directed at farm business ownership succession planning and the transition of management control between farming generations. Through his publications and professional travels, Ron is recognized as a keynote program speaker on the topic of farm ownership family succession to continue farming legacies for the next generation of family farmers.

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If something unexpected happened to the farm or within the family itself, does everyone in the entire family already know and understand what would happen next?   A lesson to remember: what if usually happens when you very least expect it.  That fact alone underscores the importance of business succession planning for the next farming generation so that a farming legacy continues. 

Farm family members must adopt a vision for keeping their farming operation in the family for the next generations.  Do all members of the entire family agree and support this vision? Without identified goals with established deadlines, the transition planning process for passing on the farm usually fails and nothing ever gets accomplished for the next farming generation. 

Mapping out a succession plan to keep a farm in the family and family members on their farm is important.  The critical question is where do we start?  How can all of this be accomplished?  Following a six step planning process can lead to a successful transition of farm ownership as well as management control for future generations.    


“Thank you for making such an impassioned and highly motivating presentation. As you know, the feedback we received was excellent. We look forward to setting a date in the near future to invite you back. Dennis and I met with a farm couple yesterday that attended our workshop and heard your presentation. Obviously, they had great comments about the material you discussed.”
Arthur Littlefield
Lincoln Financial Agribusiness Service
“I cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible Farm Transitioning Program you facilitated for us. Your message was clear, concise, effective, meaningful and powerful. There are very few programs that one can attest that truly help people, but this one is the exception. You touched at the very core of family values, family issues, and family relationships. Your presentation was inspiring and presented real information on a subject that is rarely discussed within families. This was without question the best educational program we have hosted in a very long time. Thank you for making it a rousing success!”
Ron Kern
Ogle County Farm Bureau
“Thank you so much for taking time to travel and to speak at our Annual Meeting. The feedback we got from our customers was tremendous. I believe there was a high number of people that regretted not coming after hearing about your program from their neighbors. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to come back to the Nebraska Panhandle and speak again. You absolutely met all my expectations in having a successful Annual Meeting.”
Bart Moseman
Farmer’s Cooperative

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