Multi-Generation Family Farming: Building Stronger Relationships

Program Objective:    Achieving stronger and more positive working relationships between farm family members is a management strategy that promotes a more successful multi-generation family farming operation.  Identifying opportunities which avoid the common mistakes that often result in a farm family business failure is the secret for long term success.  The family bond of working together to achieve the same goals provides a farm family with the inner strength to conquer the stress and daily pressures of the farming operation itself.  Strong family relationships are characterized by a dedicated commitment to the success of their farming operation as well as fostering support and appreciation for each other.


Some multi-generation farming operations are defined by family harmony and success while other operations struggle from one conflict after another.  That raises the immediate question “why”? Personal conflicts within a family can destroy the effective working relationships of a farming operation.  Never forget the real importance of a family operation being a total “team effort” among all family members involved in the farm production business.   The need for all family members to have the same goal and commitment to make it work as a farm family unit will be pointed out.  The importance for all family members to feel included with the opportunity to be involved in business decisions is crucial for the success of a multi-generation farming operation.  This presentation shares the real life experiences of the farm families that Ron has counseled with for more than 40 years.  The seven most common mistakes that result on family farming failures will be identified. Ron will point out several ideas on “what to do and what not to do” to help family members better understand each other when farming together.  Family characteristics of successful multi-generation farming operations will be examined to demonstrate how potential conflicts can be resolved in a more positive manner.  Ideas on how to build stronger family relationships in a multi-generation farming operation (even during stressful times on the farm) will be shared to help farm family members continue farming together with a successful future.  


  • More Detailed Descriptions & Learning Objectives are Available Upon Request