what others are saying

“I cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible Farm Transitioning Program you facilitated for us.  Your message was clear, concise, effective, meaningful and powerful.  There are very few programs that one can attest that truly help people, but this one is the exception.  You touched at the very core of family values, family issues, and family relationships.  Your presentation was inspiring and presented real information on a subject that is rarely discussed within families.  This was without question the best educational program we have hosted in a very long time.  Thank you for making it a rousing success!”

-Ron Kern, Ogle County Farm Bureau, Manager


“When I hear you talk I appreciate the way that you present real facts about what goes on in families. I think of even my own family on the farm and how communication is so very important and having a plan put together before things get to a place where members of the family can’t get along. I know it motivates me to go back and review my own plan personally when I listen to you speak. Thank you for your involvement in AgriLegacy and helping farmers keep the farm in the family.”

Galen Dody, AgriLegacy, Founder


“Thank you so much for taking time to travel and to speak at our Annual Meeting.  The feedback we got from our customers was tremendous.  I believe there was a high number of people that regretted not coming after hearing about your program from their neighbors. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to come back to the Nebraska Panhandle and speak again. You absolutely met all my expectations in having a successful Annual Meeting.”

Bart Moseman, Farmer’s Cooperative, General Manager

“On behalf of the TS Banking Group, I would like to thank you for taking time to speak at our Annual Ag Summit.  Your expertise and message will not be forgotten.   We appreciate your dedication to farmers and their families.”

Rachel Cain, TS Banking Group, Marketing & Event Coordinator

“I cannot begin to thank you enough for all that you did at our Pennsylvania Dairy Summit.  Your interaction with everyone was wonderful.  I’m hearing great things from everyone about your presentations.  I really enjoyed working with you and truly enjoyed your presentation at our General Session.”

Melissa Anderson, Center for Dairy Excellence, Programs and Operations Manager

“We just wanted to thank you so much for your presentation during our recent Farm Succession Planning Seminar in Lincoln, KS.  Words cannot express the depth and emotion of the information that you shared.  You are one of a kind.”

Sandra Wick, Post Rock District Kansas State Extension, Crop Production Agent

“Thank you for traveling to Marion, Ohio to present and meet with our AgCredit members.  We had several positive comments about your presentation and it has encouraged our members to get their succession plans in place or at least start thinking about it.  I hope you can continue to make an impact on farm families so we will have more farm families survive. I want to personally thank you for helping families get their thoughts started and for giving them direction on how to have a successful farm succession planning family meeting.”

Libby Wixtead, AgCredit, ACA, Account Officer


“Thank you very much for traveling to Michigan to speak to our growers.  The feedback was great. The survey we had the growers and spouses fill out came back with excellent ratings for your presentations.  I know many of the farmers I spoke with after your presentation said they easily relate to your presentation since they have a farm operation that was affected or will be affected in the future.  We look forward to having you back again.”

Jeremey Kane. Channel Bio, Monsanto, Area Business Manager Northern Indiana/Michigan

“Thank you for your candid and enlightening presentation to our Class 48 Seminar for the California Agricultural Leadership Program.  It’s not often that we hear this information presented so eloquently and honestly.   I hope we can work together to bring this information to the dairy producers that I work with.”

Melissa Lema, California Agricultural Leadership Program, Western United Dairymen Field Rep


“I wanted to thank you again for presenting at our series of workshops.  The feedback has been tremendously positive.  You did a fantastic job.  Your delivery of your message was perfect.  I believe we lawyers can say the same things to these folks, but coming from an outside voice and an expert like yourself makes it more well received in my opinion.  People were listening and talking.  Your words motivated them to act.  We appreciate your message and your time and experience in getting this message out.  It is a tremendous value to farm people.”

Janet L. Krotter Chvala. Krotter Law Group, Attorney at Law

“Your presentation was just as I had hoped.  It really helped to open the eyes of our growers.  They were unanimous in their appreciation for the topic and your delivery of that.  I am sure there are many conversations being had now, that may not have been possible before.”

David Rohrbach, Channel Bio, LLC Monsanto, Area Business Manager

“Thank you for making such an impassioned and highly motivating presentation.  As you know, the feedback we received was excellent.  We look forward to setting a date in the near future to invite you back.  Dennis and I met with a farm couple yesterday that attended our workshop and heard your presentation.  Obviously, they had great comments about the material you discussed.”

Arthur Littlefield, MBA, Lincoln Financial Agribusiness Service, Estate and Succession Planning Specialist

“Thank you for coming to North Dakota.  I have heard nothing but great things about your presentation!”

Joey Meyer, North Dakota Farm Bureau, Director of Leadership Development


“I have heard so many great comments from people who attended your seminar.  I was thrilled to be able to meet and listen to you present.  You did not disappoint.  Your message is focused on the farm family and some of it is unique to the nature of their business.  It can also be applied to other family business owners where owners hope one day to pass their business to the next generation equitably.  Once again, thank you for being so easy to work with.” 

Terri Shipshock, McCook Community Hospital Health Foundation, Executive Director

“We are so grateful for your willingness to present at our seminar meeting program.  Your knowledge and expertise is highly regarded and we thank you for your time.”

Libby Lashley, Great Plains Health, Director of Foundation

“Just wanted to thank you again for being part of our Water Summit.  It was a huge success and you were a big part of that.  I have had very positive comments on your presentation.”

Bart Arbuthnot, Channel Bio, LLC Monsanto, District Sales Manager